“What will you do with 7 billion that you can’t do with 4 billion” this line from the movie “Entrapment” stuck into my mind like a fork in a sausage and gave me a lesson…

It’s always better to do it yourself, if you can.

Yesterday, I was discussing some T&Cs of a startup that me and my colleague were planning to start with his Idea when he suddenly uttered “Let’s discuss our share proportion now.”

I was slightly surprised but still I asked him calmly, “Why, wouldn’t it be 50:50 ?”. At that time I had no idea of what was coming. He told me “If it would have to be 50:50 then we would not be talking about it. Also, at least one of us has to take atleast 1% extra as someone has to be named the Owner of the Company”. I, belonging to science background didn’t know if he was right and was slightly startled by this. After all, we were gonna start the company together, putting equal amount of effort and time of ours. So, why not divide it into half ? Now the question was, will it be him or me who would be getting that 1% ? But then it occurred to me that it was his idea initially, so he deserves it. Although feeling a bit bad but I said, “Ok ! It was your idea, so you take that extra 1%”. I was feeling like, some of my rights have been snatched from me. Like suddenly I had less importance in a company that we both have been planning for months.

11:50 !

I glanced at my iPhone 4S and realised that I was already 5 minutes late for my next class. Saying “Bye !” to my colleague I brisked for my class but in vain for I was not allowed to attend. I went to the library, picked up a Warren Buffet Biography that I’d been reading the last time, but suddenly the hole in the heart feeling returned and I did not read the book, instead just kept staring at it with my eyes out of focus and mind in the 51:49 proportion. It took my whole evening and the night after, but in the morning, with a few discussions with my family and many hours of thinking on my own, I was relaxed and had understood that “Ideas cost in today’s life” and decided that I will be giving my colleague a greater share. Again we talked in the Lunch time and this time I said “Ok ! You may have a share anywhere between 51-60%. We will negotiate on that later.” But his new less-of-a-reply-more-of-a-statement shook my mind like a Earthquake of 9.8 magnitude on I didn’t know which scale.

“I have thought a lot about it and I think 70:30 is fair.”

Obviously, I didn’t need to ask him that whos is the 70 ? “Ok !” That was all that could come out of my mouth. He told me, “Think about it and discuss with your family and then tell me”.

Discussion with my sister, friends and family was of no benefit. I knew that this startup was based on a great and unique idea and that, in future this 30% might turn up to be a great amount but was it worth it ??

Was that 30% worth all my dedication that I had towards this work. It wasn’t an easy decision. Thinking of leaving the startup gave me goosebumps initially. But after hours of thinking I gathered up the Courage to say “No !”.

I don’t know what will happen next. The colleague might offer me a better deal but I was Happy that I took the Right Decision instead of Easy one..!!

Night !ย