First Impression is the Last Impression.

Almost everyone of us has heard this statement atleast once, either in school by our teachers or by our parents or by some other professional person and we know that First Impression really does matter. But is it really the last one..??

I think NO ! It’s not !

First Impression is definitely the Prime Impression but it can be changed by Hardwork (making it better) or by consecutive mistakes (making it worse).

By impression, what I mean is your perception, your image in someone’s mind.

Impressions Matter. They matter a lot. Your Good Impression may help you win a job by defeating a person with equally or sometimes even higher skills and marks, while your Bad Impression may help you win a punishment from your school teacher when the mistake was of your bully’s.

For instance, I will consider my own case.

I like Taylor Swift. I hate Rahul Gandhi. Everyone hates Rahul Gandhi. So, if on any day, Taylor makes a public statement and it’s bit negative and Rahul Gandhi also makes a statement and (strangely) its bit positive then my first reaction on reading the former’s would be that I’d searching for some rightness or some apt reason for that whereas in case of latter.. Leave whatever I’d be thinking, just notice that small “strangely” in brackets, that’s what impressions do. Sometimes an earlier impression of a person can be the reason for misunderstandings between you and to avoid all this, there’s just one way. Don’t be judgemental. Try to accept people for what they are now instead of what they were yesterday.

And suddenly I heard my Mom’s voice calling me for dinner and I realised that I had been sitting in front of my laptop for too long reading a Taylor Swift news when this thought had suddenly dived into the vast pool of my mind. That’d all for today (and probably for next week too ;-)).

Night !