It’s been long time since my last post but past many days have been hectic with multiple things going on; college assignments, coding practices and more. But without further ado I’ll just start now.
The Heading on top represents the state of things in quite right way. Infatuation, surrounded by anxiety and OCD like feelings.

Turn on the Time Machine and go back to the time when you were 15 and when you went back to the school after your 2 months Summer Break, entering the class and meeting your friends and classmates after 2 months, 2 months of isolated mental and physical growth. And then, you see that Girl (or Boy) that you’d been acquainted with since last many years but suddenly, suddenly *puff* they look more attractive, more alluring than ever (strictly physically till this time). The Puberty has taken its toll and the Infatuation is developing; sitting together in classes, lunch together, long walks, longer talks and now you start liking the whole of them; Physically, Mentally, their ways, their laughs, everything. I’ll just skip the rest coz most probably you have been through it. Then, if the things just work out right, you’re in a “Committed” relationship. Late Night talks, small meetings, long dates and then The First Fight; you did something wrong and you had a fight at 11pm and their Whatsapp is off. Now is where the Anxiety part starts. You feel like you could fly breaking the walls in between and reach straight to them to just talk to them; you crash down your head in your pillow and you can’t just sleep thinking about a way to talk to them. That’s Anxiety !!

That’s not OCD. OCD is Obssessive Compulsive Disorder; in this case, you’re surely obsessed to that person but there’s no compulsion. Neither you won’t go out 10 times to check that wether you have locked out your car, nor you would plug in and plug out your charger 7 times to see if it’s charging. You would check out your messages 20 times for that person’s message, but that’s NOT OCD. If someone with inapt amount of knowledge mistakes it to be OCD, he’s wrong. It’s like mistaking a throat infection with lungs cancer.

I wrote all this difference between Infatuation, Anxiety and OCD, coz I have seen people around me going to docs for these anxiety probs and describing them as OCD. I accept that some of them really do have a situation but the others just break out of it as soon as they patch up again with they boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s) 😉 .

Now, an ending free advice, in the form of a song lyrics-

‘Cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you

You’re gonna believe them

When you’re fifteen and your first kiss

Makes your head spin round but

In your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy of the football team

Fifteen (Taylor Swift)

-Night !