Adam is an Over-Thinker ;

Or that’s what people know him as. But is he really an overthinking psychopath ?! Or are those just some people who have a mis-conception ?!

Let’s try and find out-

Start by considering a normal day of Adam, from his point of view. He wakes at 6 ; doing all his stuff, he reaches college at 9. Everything works up to par till 11, when he rises from his regular last centre desk to have lunch with his best friend Aakarsh.  They both meet in the canteen, start having lunch along with some chitchat.  Unfortunately, the series of their talks turn out to become a minor row between them. They both get mad at each other, thus leaving for their respective classes without saying another word to each other. Adam sits at his regular desk again and sorts out his books and stuff for his next difficult but interesting subject lecture. The professor comes in and starts teaching ; first 5-10 minutes of the class flow as normal but Adam is feeling an uneasiness in his mind due to his fight with Aakarsh and after 10 minutes this unease of his takes over his interest in the subject.  He spends rest of lecture wondering “How he could make it right ?”.  He starts walking back to his scooty after the end of his last lecture.  He notices two of his first year friends walking towards him busy in their own talks.  The three pair of eyes meet. Three smiles spread ; the duo passed him and Adam starts walking again.  But at the same time he hears one of them, saying something about him which makes his walk to jerk a little.

“There is another attitude filled brat.”

Attitude ?! Adam ?! Although Adam was not a very famous guy but ask any of Adam’s school classmates and they’ll tell you that ‘Adam’ and ‘Attitude’ can’t exist together.  Then why the hell did he say that.  The scooty was driven to house while thinking the possible reason for this ‘allegation’ that had been put up on him.  At 5, Adam set his back at his study chair and was ready to do his homework ; he started analysing what all he has to do today.  But then he reckoned that the amount of work he has got couldn’t be completed even if he works it straight till midnight or even later !  He was hell worried about how will he complete all that work and as a result he spent his next half hour thinking about why did that professor give so much work and all other similar excuses.  After great efforts when he finally started studying, BOOM ! All that having-a-row-with-his-best-friend uneasiness blasted through his mind again.  Consequently, another hour wasted and still he wasn’t able to concentrate on his studies.  Skipping to late night, when Adam was tired and got to his bed to sleep, his peace of mind was again pricked by something.  This time it was the ‘allegation’ that had been put on him.  And thinking deep about it, he finally fell asleep.

So, this was a glance at a single day of Adam’s Life. Whether his thinking was right or wrong depends on your opinion of things but one thing is for sure and that is ; Adam wasted much of his time thinking about stuff that didn’t matter at that moment or some of it never really mattered.  This precious time he could’ve used for something more productive.

And you maybe interested in his next day if I tell you ; the next day – his professor was on leave, Aakarsh and Adam had a patch up and he discovered that the guy who called him an attitude freak had sent him a friend request on fb last month and Adam forgot to accept it, thus earning himself the title of attitude freak.

Conclusion – The incidents that occured with Adam might be compared with some incidents that you encounter in your daily life and eventually waste time by thinking on some of them.  To avoid this the only thing that should be kept in mind is that at any moment we should be thinking only about thing that can be changed at that moment without the tension of past and worry of future.

Night !