These two words seem synonymous to the word Suicide. After all, Suicide is also the end of everything. But, for most of the suicide attemp survivors it is a new Beginning.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog post about some suicide incidents. Later, I checked out some real life case studies and interviews of suicide attempt survivors. What I found out was that they all had one thing in common- Everyone of them experienced moment before the act where they realised that they should Stop.

So, was this moment the reason to which they owe their life ? Actually No.

Although they felt that they should stop but still they weren’t able to. Most of them did attempt to give up their life and were only saved by Luck, Family or Timely Medication. So, the whole point here is- What happens in people’s life that forces them to take their own life..?! And, what happens at the moment just before the act that they feel like stopping..?!

See, Contrary to our belief, most of the time, the tensions, obstacles or other such reasons are not the reason that makes people choose the dreadly path of suicide. Instead, the main reason is that our life starts centring about our own problems and we can’t see the opportunities or happiness or any other good thing that surrounds us in life. Our vision towards life becomes streamlined like a bottleneck and we aren’t able to look anything beyond our problems. This is when the person gets so frustated and fed up with their life that they feel that their life is not worth living and choose this dreadly path.

And, just before the moment when we are finally about to pull the trigger, or swallow the pill, our mind suddenly awakes, we realise that we are about to end this all; that there will be no tomorrow for us; and this is when we think beyond the walls of our problems, about our family, friends, maybe girlfriend and our problems, seen against so much good, looks like a tiny dot and this is when our heart says Stop ! Stop and live for such awesome things that you have, stop and end these tiny problems by fighting them.
The people who stop here; they just go back and live their life with new spirits  and mostly, nobody knows their story. Whereas, if at the current stage the mind still forces over the heart, or the trigger is still pulled, then either these people are saved due to miraculous reasons or else, they Die.

As the end note, I’d just add that we all problems in our lives. Some are big, some are small; there seems to be a solution for some while the others seem impenetrable; But, believe me, every problem can be solved, if not now, maybe after some time. All you need to do is to just ignore while you can’t overcome it. 

Morning !