Who is that

Just an aquaintance

My mind answered when I asked it who Anisha was.

No No! I haven’t lost my memory but I was just reminding myself the position of some people in my life.

When you talk for a person for a considerable amount of time, your mind tends to develop some attraction for the person, especially if the person is of opposite gender.  

And the interesting part is, if you talk to the same person for a much longer time, long enough for you to know their bad habits or qualities, then that attraction fades away,  vanishes.  That’s Human Nature.  When you know the person for small period of time, you can only see AND the person only reflects their good habits; but as this period of time increases you come face to face with the reality of that person and then your (kind of) infatuation breaks.  Sometimes, you give some words to your attraction and tell the other person about it, resulting in any kind of bond between you two.  The bond maybe a strong friendship, dependent relation (the kind where you get frustrated if you don’t talk to the person for 2 days or the person doesn’t talk to you properly) or the ultimate- getting committed.  But when this attraction fades, usually, the bond also becomes a liability and then you want to break free from it.

Now, this is gonna consume time.

Whatever the reason be, you know these things don’t end up quickly.  After experiencing all this for 2-3 times myself, I finally learnt how to avoid this situation-

Never forget the position of a person in your life.

If she’s a friend; no matter how good she is or looks to me, she’s just a friend.

And because of the human mind tendency of forgetting, its better to remind yourself of this thing, periodically and before you plan to say something strong to them.

These are just feelings. They come; they pass.  Just don’t let them carry you away.  Now you’re probably thinking about Love.  But, you’ll know when you feel it and it won’t be like these infatuations that you have.  So just focus on yourself, learn from everyone but don’t let them take your valuable time unnecessarily.

Night !