Life is busy .

But sometimes it’s busier .

And it is at this busier time, that we tend to ignore things that aren’t important to us at that moment. Many-a-times these things are relations.

I’ll make it a little clearer by stating a real life example. It’s February already and we’re stacked with loads of work. As for me, I’m already behind my assignments and my internal exams are ahead. My routine nowadays is – College, Home, Rest, Work, Sleep, College again; no time of talking to friends or family. Even if I talk to any friend, it’s in texts and in midst of working time.

About 2 weeks back I realized that I haven’t got even a single text from my best friend from about a week which doesn’t happen usually unless it’s exam time for any of us. Also, I couldn’t quite manage to forget that it was me who has texted first, every time we had talked in last few weeks. I opened my Messages to check out what was the last chat that we two had. I saw that the last message was mine and it said ‘Read’ but there wasn’t any reply. The last message wasn’t a question, but it was the last message of a chat that we were having a week back and my friend went out and forgot to reply back later. I texted and asked, “Have there been any distances between us or it’s just our busy schedules ?”. I knew I didn’t had to specify what I was talking about. My friend knew that well. The reply came as soon as the message was read and we talked for a while then. Now it’s been 2 weeks to that incident and it’s still going like that. I was quite comfortable with it because I also had a busy schedule of mine until yesterday; I was busy the same yesterday too, but in the evening I recalled  that my friend was supposed to tell me something day before yesterday but there was no sign of any message. I texted again but the following events are none of interest.

But this is when I realized 2 things-

  1. I was getting a little too dependent on my friend. But what’s the point of having a best friend if you can’t even depend on him to text you sometime ? I know the place of every person in my life and so I resist people getting too close to me. But this being my best friend was different case.
  2. More Importantly, I realized that when people get ‘busier’ in their lives they tend to ignore many things. One of them being relations.

Instead, this is the time that they need to be more careful with them or else this turns into differences between people.

I know that when we are very very busy we don’t get neither any thought nor any time of texting someone. But whenever we get some time and think we can manage it we should sneak in a little Hello and even if we talk for a few minutes then, these few minutes  are much more important than those late night multiple hour chats that we could have. I know we all have relations that are different in their types. Some of you might not agree with what I said, some of you might do. But every person has a different life story so we can’t generalize anything of the sort. I would be glad to hear any of your comments on the topic, though. 🙂

Night !